Technology Sucks!

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I have spent most of today fielding rogue e-mails that originated from another e-mail address I use that went to about 40 – 50 people and proceeded to bounce and bounce and bounce – I lost count after deleting over 500 e-mails!

It was not fun, but it made me think both how reliant we have gotten with technology in general and how impatient we have now become when things go wrong – we expect the quick fix for many things – technology, medicine, fast food, decisions etc

It made me think for a minute as to what I do now and some alternative ways that I can deal with that event or situation:

  • Pick up the phone – instead of fire an e-mail
  • Say 'I will get back to you' when someone wants an answer
  • Take an hour for lunch instead of the drive through
  • Walk to the mail box, not jump in the car

A few minutes longer to think, reflect and touch base with others as well as get reconnected to ourselves is probably not such a bad thing to do.

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