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Well, do you have it yet? Hopefully (or perhaps not) you now have the new LinkedIn desktop user interface. What are your thoughts? If it’s confusing there is a useful 3-minute starter video that gives you a quick new look overview.

There is no ignoring it, the overwhelming response has been negative. Some very negative.

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Of course, we don’t like change, especially if it is an integral part of our day or week as LinkedIn should be.


Some of the anger is toward the removal of certain ‘features’, read this support post to understand what has gone and what might be coming back.

Advanced search and the elimination of tags and notes, except for the two premium offerings of Sales Navigator and Recruiter, has certainly got a lot of people worked up. You have to accept that these features, especially on a free account were a luxury. Removing them from lower priced Premium accounts may not have been such a good move, but according to this post by Support at LinkedIn, they are not coming back. There are some workarounds on search if this is a major need of yours, you can read this post about Boolean search, also by the LinkedIn support team.

However, some of these removals are in fact errors on behalf of LinkedIn’s design team.  This is where they, and every user of LinkedIn, needs your help.

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Perhaps even if they hear from enough people, consideration to bring some features back.If you want to rant and rave, you can. The majority of the 2300+ responses so far have been that. I am not sure that helps, though. Instead, consider taking a moment to post your constructive comments and feedback on the LinkedIn Forum – Feedback regarding LinkedIn’s new desktop experience, let’s hear it!

If you prefer you can send direct feedback from your home page you can – instructions here

Be conscious that the Forum responses, plus any updates or other comments you make are public and a reflection of your personal brand. There is nothing wrong with calling out organizations for bad customer service or product changes, do it in a way that is respectful and helpful, not brand damaging.

Our weekly LinkedIn tips will continue to focus on these areas, so if you are not on the list sign up by clicking here and receive our brand new e-report “Complete the Profile Puzzle – Key Actions to Personally Brand on LinkedIn” which is all based on the new user interface.

It’s free and this is what one brand new subscriber had to say about it “Wow Paul, I just went through this, it’s amazing!! I can’t thank you enough!!”

Also, we will be holding a webinar to take you through all the changes in using LinkedIn step by step. Be sure you are on the list to be notified when that is happening.



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