Thanks Dad!

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At the Career Masters Institute conference in Denver that I went to last week there was a lot of talk about the continuing changes in the 'new world of work' and how people need to continue to adapt and be flexible to the challenges that lie ahead. This is not the world of work that my father knew – 43 years working – 2 years with one company and 41 with the next. Now the average executive does not last 41 months in a role! My father just does not get it.

And perhaps I do not get his world either, but last week was his 81st birthday and he is still actively involved in the community, sits on a couple of boards as financial director and finds time to run around and shop for four of his younger neighbours who cannot get out to the grocery store.

I might never understand his world of work in comparison to mine, but we can all take a lesson from older generations in their approach to life, their loyalty and the serving of others, something that is sometimes sadly lacking in society today.

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