Thanksgiving – Giving Thanks

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'We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.' –
Sir Winston Churchill

This weekend saw me celebrate another tradition that was new to me when I arrived in Canada – Thanksgiving, the closest tradition would probably have been Harvest Festival in the UK – a celebration
for the harvest and the hope that winter was kind – I always hope that here!

Thanksgiving is quite a big deal here and even more so next month in the US (must remind myself to look up why the two are a month apart), but I was reminded to be thankful for what we do have this
weekend after spending last Saturday with my two children on the local food drive.

Many of the homes that we knocked on the door of seemed to me to be more likely candiates for the food bank later this winter – and time and again they were the mosty generous with what little they had – a truly humbling experience.

Lets all be a little more thankful for what we did have this past Thanksgiving and remember to give a little more in the coming months.

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