The #1 Mistake (Nearly) Everyone Makes on LinkedIn and What to do About It.


If someone is going to search for your name on Google are they going to type in First Name, Last Name and a series of random letters and numbers?  Of course not!

Then why do you continue to label your professional profile on LinkedIn this way?

What most people do not realize is that you can custom the web address where your LinkedIn profile is placed, it is like your own personal domain. If you have never edited this part of your profile then the chances are it reads something like

There is a very quick solution to have something much more user friendly for you and your connections and network.  Now if your name is actually John Smith then the custom page version of that profile has already been taken by a John Smith in San Diego (although it’s a unused profile – ), but you could shorten it to include a middle initial for example.

I am even surprised to find experts in the development of LinkedIn profiles not advocating this or actually not getting clients to change their own profile address. Crazy!

It does not cost anything and is easy to do. What’s more here are three clear benefits to having a custom profile web address for your LinkedIn profile;

  1.  It helps your profile much more likely appear on the first page of Google.  There are over 14,000 web pages with my name on and given its not a common name most are about me! Because LinkedIn is such a highly visited site my LinkedIn profile address still appears third on page 1 of Google search results.
  2. You can add the custom address to business cards and e-mail signatures, giving people an opportunity to connect with you easily.  By the way, are we connected? If not lets do that right now –
  3. You can promote your profile on various career documents such as resumes and cover letters or on business marketing materials such as brochures or your website.

This branded profile tip is one of the 5 steps (from a total of 22) that have been identified to help you improve your profile presence and are in a free report I have just launched. In fact a fully branded profile can increase opportunities by up to 40 times!

For full instructions on how to change your own profile web address and to access your own complimentary copy of the report just go to

This was one comment from a recent report user – “Oh my goodness – this email from you is amazing and has invaluable information! Thank you, I appreciate any feedback I can get. I am so glad we connected yesterday.”

Have you changed your profile web address yet? 

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