The Aliens Have Arrived!

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A film crew has moved in to the bottom of our road to shoot some scenes for a movie – something related to aliens invading! Actually the town where I live, Dundas, is quite often used for locations – in the last year we have had three episodes of West Wing and numerous major movies shoot here – sometimes taking over the centre of town.

The movie business is an interesting model – something that almost exclusively relys on talent – great for the talent – the brands – awful for investors.

It reminded me of a presentation I saw once profiling Edgar Bronfman – the son of the famous family that took over one of the worlds most successful drinks company (one built on quality tangible product brands) and turned it from a $7 billion consumer goods success to less than $1 billion film (talent brand dependant) company – sold it and then reinvested the money in the music industry (also a talent brand dependant business!!).

If you are going to make mistakes in business – learn the lessons!

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