The Apprentice is Back – and in LA!

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As you may already know, whilst I am not a big fan of reality TV – The Apprentice seems to be one program I am hooked on!

This is its sixth season and apparently its last – so Donald – true to his personal brand – is doing it bigger and better by taking he show to Los Angeles – it also happens to coincide with some developments that he is working at on the west coast.

This is classic Trump – following the law of the 3 C's – Clarity, Consistency, Constancy – love him or hate him he certainly does all he can to keep his brand front and centre. You do not think that his very public spat with Rosie O'Donnell was anything more than raising the awareness for the new season do you?

A6_logo5 So the first episode was last night and it was pretty obvious from the way the program was edited was that Martin was not going to go beyond the first week and sure enough he was fired. See the details here at the official Yahoo Apprentice website.

This season seems to be a mix of Apprentice meets Survivor – with the losing team having to sleep in tents in the gardens of the hill top home that the winning team is staying at. Not sure what they hope to achieve by making the contestants do this – perhaps it came from audience feedback that they would like to see more suffering!!?

Team Arrow already looks a mess and Team Kinetic are developing a good synergy – we shall see.

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