The Apprentice – Week 7

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A6_logo5_7 Back after a couple of weeks, I was not getting withdrawl symptoms – perhaps my brain had already assumed that due to the continued fall in the ratings the program had been pulled!

The really good news was that it all finally caught up with Derek – he was fired during the boardroom discussion. His actions and lack of ability had been shining through but he seemed somehow to manage to fly under the radar. But in the boardroom under a little more pressure than normal he cracked, made a flippant comment about being white trash and Trump fired him for having such a low opinion of himself.

But Trump still wanted to fire someone – Jenn was project manager – and just for agreeing to use go karts as part of a car launch for a Lexus she deserved to go – that was so off brand.

Randall, last series winner was advising Trump, but was trying too hard, he had some good points – especially about what was on and off brand for Lexus – but he took too much of TV time up and The Donald had to slap him down.

You can bet if Arrow lose next week Surya is gone – there was even talk of a coup this week! 

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