The changing world of work is old news

We have been reading for some time now from leading futurists, gurus and experts that we have to be better prepared for the rapidly changing world of work, that we need new skills and have to be re-training constantly.

But the simple truth is that the world of work has been 'rapidly changing' for a very long time now, well before Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and its not being able to do things faster, smarter or cheaper that will win the day.

Maria Montessori wrote over 60 years ago….

"It is necessary that the human personality should be prepared for the unforeseen, not only for the conditions that can be anticipated by prudence and foresight. Nor should it be strictly conditioned by one rigid specialization, but should develop at the same time the power of adapting itself quickly and easily. In this fierce battle of civil life a man must have a strong character and quick wits as well as courage; he must be strengthened in his principles by moral training and he must also have practical ability in order to face the difficulties of life. Adaptability – this is the most essential quality, for the progress of the world is continually opening new careers, and at the same time closing or revolutionizing the traditional types of employment."
Dr. Maria Montessori 1948

So as you look at your personal brand inventory, how are you scoring on a scale of 1-10 in;


Quick wits?




Sounds a lot like Values – have you taken an inventory of your values recently? I have just updated the Just My Toonies Worth blog to include the Values Exercise as a permanent page. Go to the front page message and click through on the Values link to take the test.

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  1. This quote, Paul, reminds me of Toffler who in Rethinking the Future, declared that “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” Hope all is well with you. Best, Mike.

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