The Rebel Billionaire v The Apprentice

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"We spend most of our lives working. So why do so few people have a good time doing it? – Richard Branson

It has been interesting to watch over the past few weeks the differences between Richard Branson and Donald Trump in their respective 'business game shows' and I enjoy both programs for different reasons.

Trump is the typical big deal maker, if its not big he's not interested and everything that goes with that has to be big – his personality, car, buildings, toys etc etc and his ultimate decision – "You're fired" says it all about his need to control.

Branson could not be more opposite in many ways – he appears almost shy and wants to be liked by everyone. He wants to be part of the whole process and show he would do and try anything that he asks others to do. And at the end of each program you could almost see him taking the place of the ousted contestant!

Both men are strong personal brands – obviously highly successful and extreme risk takers, loving doing what they are doing. They have vision and values and are trying to instil that passion in others – are you doing the same with your personal brand?

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