The WOW Women of Xerox

I was just getting ready to deliver a seminar recently, when the earlier morning speaker came back in to the room to recover his jacket. We exchanged pleasantries and I discovered that he, John Macaulay, had spoken on the subject of Laughter Yoga.

When we concluded our chat and he was leaving with a big smile on his face, I said 'Have a great rest of the weekend' – he replied "You have a laughter filled weekend"

It was a great reminder to be on brand – to exude your brand in all you do – I used it as an example in my talk just a few minutes later.

Xerox The occasion was The 2006 International Xerox Women's Conference that was being held this year in Toronto.

This is an annual conference held by Xerox for their female (and male) employees and some suppliers, some were attending on merit, others by invitation and others because they wanted to be there. Over 400 women and 25 men attended and were treated to a weekend of various Execurive Discussion Panels and seminars on Health & Wellness, Professional Development, Personal Development and Fun & Fitness.

The organisers contacted me to advise that my session was over subscribed and would I be open to delivering a 2nd – absolutely and I had a great time talking about the use of personal branding to advance careers, ideally internally, and how we can all leverage our unique strengths and abilities to be successful.

The audiences were attentive, engaged and wanted to know more, it was an invigorating and refreshing experience – and John made me smile too!

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  1. I attended one of the two sessions on Personal Branding Paul directed at the WOW Women of Xerox Conference. It was very interesting and informative. I just completed my list of respondants for my own personal 360 evaluation and I look forward to viewing the results.

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