There’s No Such Thing as a Personal Brand Emergency

Just around this time last year, I was 95% certain that all the medical appointments, tests and scans were leading to one inevitable conclusion, I had cancer. Just a few days after Christmas last year it was confirmed. 

This Christmas I will be celebrating that I am cancer free, loving life and truly grateful for my family and friends, spending time with them and being present in the moment.

The importance of this was highlighted for me just this week in a quote by Christopher Hitchens, the celebrated journalist who just died of cancer.

He wrote in Vanity Fair – "“My chief consolation in this year of living dyingly has been the presence of friends.” 

For everything else that goes on in our lives and the world, without love and good health, I feel it's kind of a mute point! 

Enjoy the holidays, the brand plans can wait a few days – there is no such thing as a personal brand emergency! 

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year to you and yours. 



1 thought on “There’s No Such Thing as a Personal Brand Emergency”

  1. Paul,
    I think it can easily be said that you are living (thankfully) proof of someone who walks his talk.
    You have managed to be a successful human being. Someone who puts his family as a top priority and is at the top of his game professionally.
    I don’t think I can have a higher opinion of someone or their integrity. It is no wonder we met at a Rotary club.
    This newsletter is exactly in line with that

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