This is ‘No Time to Die’

Last week I posted a poll on social media asking for people’s choice on the next James Bond. I also asked for one of the options whether it was time for a female Bond? Daniel Craig doesn’t think there should be by the way.

Of the two names I picked, 38% preferred George Clooney and 29% Jennifer Lawrence. Whilst not statistically significant it was interesting to see some of the responses as an option in the Comments that around one-third of people added. You can see the overall results of my LinkedIn post here James Bond LinkedIn Poll and who the favourite alternative choice was – you might be surprised.

The reason I tried this was that I had read that LinkedIn polls in particular were a popular type of pos. Although I had responded to a number I had never posted my own one.

I also posed the same question on Facebook and the results were dramatically different. Now, my connections are greater on LinkedIn but even so the number of likes on the Facebook post was a grand total of 1 and only 4 commented. With Facebook, you do not know the reach of your post, in terms of how many people saw it.

LinkedIn on the other hand, garnered 4 likes, 45 votes and 21 additional comments AND over 7,300 views of the poll. A caveat is that this means it appeared in someone’s news feed, they may well have scrolled past, but the exposure I am suggesting is way more than what I received on Facebook.

We can all second guess as to why there was such a difference, perhaps LinkedIn people have more time on their hands or there is too much other noise on Facebook. I think there is some merit to the latter, after all the average Facebook user is on the platform apparently up to 17 times a day, whereas the average LinkedIn user is there 17 minutes a week (sorry cannot remember where I heard those stats so take them with a pinch of salt). Also, I am generally more active on LinkedIn, although that has changed recently, so perhaps the algorithm preferences my LinkedIn post and placed it into more news feeds.

It seems to make sense to me that people are going to be more focused with their time and interactions on LinkedIn and that offers you an opportunity.

What poll could you post that would generate some engagement AND make it relevant to your brand or business?

Try one this week, I would love to hear how it goes.

I did do a search for a James Bond profile on LinkedIn that I could critique but of the 4,000+ James Bonds, only a handful had ones that were ‘spoof’ type ones about being a spy. This was the closest but even then that was sparse.

Perhaps I will write one, one day. In the meantime, if your profile is something you want to take a look at download my 30-page guide on improving your LinkedIn profile by complete=ing the form below.

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