Time for a LinkedIn Check-Up



LinkedIn’s change to the user interface now seem to be slowly rolling out, but it is taking time, so if you have changes that need to be made to your profile go ahead and do them. Then set yourself a weekly reminder to double check if the look of your profile on desktop has changed over to the new design.

According to some of the LinkedIn experts that already have access to the new user interface, there are some significant changes. So if your account has changed over here are some check-up’s that you will want to do;

  1. Do the headshot and header images look right? The header image, in particular, is changing size so you will want to ensure it has been sized right or upload a new one.
  2. If you have more than one current experience position is the right one showing first? Apparently, you will no longer be able to move experience roles around so the latest one defaults to the top. That might not be the one you want.
  3. Put your additional information back into your profile. Additional information seems to have disappeared and some this is important to portraying your personal brand. Copy and save what you have now, then when the change happens go back to it and see what you still want and decide where to put it.

Notices are now going to out to users advising of feature changes and ‘retirements’, I suspect this is a precursor to your profile switching over so watch for them.

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A fuller review and revision of your profile is good to include as you start to plan what you want 2017 to be like for you, your career and your personal brand.

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