Time to Turn the Tables?

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Interview Kevin Wheeler has written an interesting article on ERE Network about the future of third party recruiters. "Third Party Agencies – Where Are They Headed?"

I particularly liked his idea of candidates getting a guarantee of the recruiter finding them a job – now that would be something!

Last time there was a shake up in the industry it was the last recession and thankfully it saw the disappearance of many of the unethical 'body shops' that put people in to jobs in the recruiting boom with no thought or care for candidate or even client.

Now technology is starting to shake them up again and it will be the nimble, flexible and creative who will survive.

It's not about just putting someone in a job nowadays – the recruiter has to really understand client, candidate and what is motivating both parties to broker a successful placement.

And successful now means hiring an engaged and contributing employee who is going to make a difference and advance their career at the same time.

If you are a job seeker be sure about the role that you want, the type of company you want to work for and what you want your work day to look like.

If you are an employer be clear about your expectations, be truthful to your mission and become an employer of choice out of strategic necessity.

If you are a career coach think about how you can strategically align yourself with third party recruiters that do not yet offer your services, or work inside companies to help people manage their careers internally – take a look at this coaching colleague, Sue Edwards to see what I mean about being creative and thinking ahead – Development-by-Design

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