To Blog or Not to Blog – That Is The Question

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Blogger Catherine an English bilingual secretary working in France thought that blogging about some of the funny going's on at work and what happened to her were pretty harmless – especially as she kept herself and her employers anonymous. – Catherine's Blog

Not the case, she has just been fired from her job and is claiming unfair dismisal in a test case in France.

This is not such an unusual situation here in North America where there is even a term for being fired because of your blog content – getting 'dooced' named after Heather Armstrong who was fired after writing about her work colleagues – Heather's Blog

Many people may be writing blogs in the hope that their writing talents may get noticed and they can sign that $1 million advance for their first novel.

What many seem to be forgetting is once its out there its for all to see, so its not just the current employer who is feeling uncomfortable with the content enough to not want to employ you anymore, but its the next potential employer who takes a pass after a Google search because there is too much risk and exposure.

So the word is not just to not be dooced but also Think Before you Blog. photo credit nico

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