Tom Peters and Personal Branding – A Little Disappointed

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"It's always Showtime."David D'Alessandro

It was 10 years ago this summer that Tom Peters wrote the ranting article in Fast Company – A Brand Called You. He was ahead of his time – as usual.

Fast forward 10 years and I listened today to a presentation delivered by one of Tom Peters people on personal branding – a Brand You webinar. It was poor to say the least. There were a few technical hitches, which can be expected in a webinar where I am assuming hundreds dialed in – that was not the issue.

I was expecting something more from Tom Peters – even if it wasn't the man himself – after all – Tom Peters Inc brand IS Tom Peters.I readied myself to be taking copious notes, to be challenged, to have to think and be ready to step outside of the box.

I was REALLY disappointed. The speaker and the two guests on the call were wooden, speaking predominantly from a script and still making plenty of errors and I question whether they even rehearsed. We were given such leading edge facts that if we Googled 'Personal Branding" over 500,000 hits come up but only a few hundred for 'Personal Brand Consultant' – so we must be in the right place – please!

The presentation did not flow, perhaps that was the plan, after all Peters is known for launching in to tirade after rant after rant in his speeches, going off at 180 degree tangents. One of my client's even said that Peters is the only speaker they have ever seen who sweats through a suit!

The speakers on the webinar may have been doing the same – but for very different reasons. I came away from the hour feeling let down, disappointed and unfulfilled. I almost felt cheated.

But then I looked at my half page of notes and realised I got what I paid for – the webinar was free and was a pre-sell for a two day event in Boston in mid-May. I will be surprised if they get many sign up's from this webinar.

I came away thinking this had damaged Peters brand in my eyes – what a shame.

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