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I recently had the opportunity to attend the Career Professionals of Canada’s professional development day – Strategies for Success to listen to a collection of career and coaching experts and network with some great fellow career professionals.

As a career professional there were many pieces of expert advice that I will start to consider and implement in my own business, but for the job seeker there was also some great information that is worth considering.

Advances in Executive Resumes – Sharon Graham, Graham Management

  • you must now apply a more strategic approach to your resume writing
  • look to brand yourself in the document
  • explain your value to the employer
  • look to make your resume a unique, non-template, marketable document
  • make the language future oriented
  • wherever possible show measurable results

Business Dining Etiquette – Margaret Page, Etiquette Page

As more companies seek to find different ways to assess candidates, the use of meals as part of the selection process is going to rise.

Your manners reflect who you are—not your intellect, your professional success, nor your business acumen. Creating a positive first impression, gives you the edge you need for navigating social situations in modern life. Ask yourself: how do you want to present yourself to the world?

Clearing the 90 Day Hurdle – Sue Edwards, Development by Design

Companies are fast realizing that with all the time, effort and money they spent of getting you in to the organization, investing in some coaching to help you in the critical first 90 days just might be worth it – think about trying to negotiate this in your next job offer.

Onboarding coaching involves supporting new hires with a broad range of issues that often arise during transition. Some examples are:

  • adapting to a new industry or a new culture;
  • identifying and achieving early wins;
  • dealing with overwhelm from multiple priorities and a steep learning curve;
  • developing trusted relationships for sounding boards, information exchange and advice;
  • addressing the disappointments that can arise after the initial "honeymoon" period;
  • building resilience during a stressful time;
  • developing a clear action plan for the first few months in the new role.

Your Next Bold Move – Laura Macro, The Mayfair Legacy Group

Getting more connected and in line with who you are and what drives you tends to lead to your enjoying work more and feeling more engaged.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • If you were to write the title of a book based on your life right now – what would it be?
  • What vision do you have for the world that you would like to be a part of?

Home in on your abilities and follow your passions – they might just lead you to what you really should be doing.

The Career Professionals of Canada is the leading Canadian member driven career services organization. Their mandate is to enable Canadians to achieve their career, business, and organizational development goals by promoting quality, ethics, and expertise within the industry. They connect individuals and organizations to a nationwide network of advisors. They help people achieve success as they take their career and business to new horizons.

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