URGENT – Do This With Your LinkedIn Account Now!


According to the LinkedIn expert in the UK, Mark Williams, who I mentioned last week, the new user interface for LinkedIn is coming out to most of us this month. He had a podcast on this last week which is very useful – click here to access.

Something I recommend you should be doing at least quarterly is a download of your connections and data. Mark has advised that once the changeover happens to your account you can still do this BUT it is best to ensure you at least have a copy before that happens, in case of any glitches.

Here are the LinkedIn Help instructions;

To request a download of your data:

  1. Move your cursor over your profile photo at the top right of your homepage and select Privacy & Settings.
  2. Select the Account tab at the top of the page. Under Basics, click Change next to Getting an archive of your data.
    • You may be prompted to sign in.
  3. This will take you to the Request your data archive page.

Within minutes, you’ll receive an email with a link where you can download certain categories of personal information we have for you, including your messages, connections, and contacts. This is information that’s fastest to compile.

Within 24 hours, we’ll send you a second email with a link where you can download your full archive, including your activity and account history.

For full instructions from LinkedIn click here

Mark has also suggested that you copy your ‘Additional Information’ section of your profile as this may be changing or disappearing and you may have to add into another part of your profile later.

Do you have a LinkedIn question? Let me know and we will find the answer and may even include it in a future LinkedIn tip.

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