Using video to communicate your personal brand

One of the concerns about personal branding, especially if someone has built a significant online presence is that how much of it is controlled or even manufactured? People are starting to ask – who can we trust or believe?

Enter – VIDEO – it's helping to level the playing field a little.

Many times now we are conducting business with people half way around the world who we have never met. We are certainly networking and connecting with people without ever meeting them. If you want to get across who you are in a more personal way and meeting face to face is just not practical, consider putting together a video or two. It gives people:

  • A chance to 'see' you personally
  • You can explain a little about what you do or how you work
  • Your personal brand can be communicated
  • It differentiates you from others

If you post the video on the popular sites such as You Tube and Vimeo as well then it also helps raise your online brand, Google seems to like video more and gives it a higher ranking.

As part of our alliance with Reach, the leader in personal branding methodology, we have an affiliate arrangement with a Canadian company videoBio, who offer a professionally developed video for just $299. You can see what they do by clicking here.

And check out my own videoBio below. Let me know what you think.


9 thoughts on “Using video to communicate your personal brand”

  1. Good video, Paul! I think it does capture your brand and style.
    I saw the article in the Globe a few days ago on this company.
    I recall Elite Minds trying to sell a similar service a few years ago. I didn’t get the best impression talking to them; not sure how they have done.

  2. Hi Paul
    This is good value but I find shooting talking heads against a white screen a little too basic.
    What about shooting people in their own environment, using and interview format or using a green screen so a variety of exhibits can appear in the background.
    These could be “premium” services and elements. Or the company could assist as advisor/help?

  3. Darla
    Thanks for the feedback. Probably the use of a green screen would be the most efficient, otherwise you are looking at videographer and interviewer having to shoot on location and then costs increase significantly. The great thing about a green screen would be the choise of more on brand backgrounds.

  4. I think that video was probably shot on a white paper, with a cheap hand held camera… which is why the audio is super poor.
    It’s hard to watch it all the way through because of the poor quality.
    The editing is also really painful. The fading in and out is just weird on the eyes.
    Not all videos are made equal. I actually think this reflects negatively on your personal brand because it looks so cheap.
    There are better companies out there doing much better work for the same budgets. It’s because they’ve invested in things like a green screen, high def cameras, a microphone. It’s also the reason they can do much better work for the same price.
    Hope that helped

  5. I agree, i’d prefer to see it on your location and pay more, they just want to pack a bunch of people in on one day to make more money and keep cost down but then it becomes a bit bland

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