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Social Media Telesummit – Feb 20-29, 2008 

In the fashion world, black is a classic color that works with everything.Styles may change, designers come and go, but black is the template.So, when a new color hits the scene, the fashion world says that that color is the "new black."

Well, in social media, video is the new black.

Everywhere you turn, business leaders are using video to connect with prospects and customers.

If you want to learn how to use video to fill your database with quality leads, the Social Media Telesummit will teach you how.

One more session has been added due to demand. Travis Greenlee, founder of the Virtual Practice Builder, will teach you step by step how to use videos for maximum profits. His session is on Wednesday February 20th @ 8pm EST.

Grab your seat: by clicking here NOW!

In addition to Travis, here's a sample of what you'll learn at the Social Media Telesummit:

– Why it's dangerous to give away all your content for free (and what to do instead);

– How to choose a profitable niche of starving customers who are ready to buy premium content;

– Learn the different ways to create revenue in Second Life;

– How to get a six figure sponsorship deal for your blog or podcast from a Fortune 500 company;

– Learn why most blogs don't make money and how you can ensure your blog isn't another financial failure.

Just a few days left. Grab your seat now because after February 20th, you'll have to wait 12 months for the next Social Media Telesummit.

Grab your seat: HERE NOW!!

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