Was last Friday a little friggatriskaidekaphobic for you?

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Friday 13th
Scary movies aside, the fear of Friday 13th is very real for many people. That does not even include all the residents of Port Dover, Ontario who are descended upon by up to 250,000 bikers each time the 13th falls on a Friday.  I am sure with the good weather last week they had another big day. 

In other cultures various other days are considered unlucky. In Spanish speaking countries it is Tuesday 13th and this also goes for Greece, where as in Italy it is Friday 17th. 

Whatever the day that you decide to do more about your personal brand could start to make it fearful. Here are 3 things to help make that decision a little easier;

1. Get a clear picture of perceptions of your personal brand. Many of the things you might be assuming about yourself may not be true. Without some additional data you could be drawing wrong conclusions and making some bad decisions. 

What do other people think about you? What do they consider are your strengths and key skills? Many times I find that clients underestimate these and are not leveraging them as much as they can be. 

2. Be true to you. It is okay to be who you are, after all everyone else is taken! If you try to be someone you are not then the expectation from others is they want to see that 'false' person every day. That will get very stressful and tiring for you very quickly. 

Get clear on what you stand for, what makes you operate at your best. Get clear on your values – complete the values exercise and ensure that these are your guide for decisions and actions. 

3. Take a little risk. Making changes and implementing  more of your personal brand in all that you do does not guarantee results. But apart from death and taxes (and maybe that Simon Cowell will be mean to contestants) what guarantees are there? 

The key with personal branding is permission to be yourself. So connecting more to who you are and displaying, communicating and living that can only make life and work more fun and fulfilling. 

Just look at how engaged Jason was in his work !! 

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