What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up?

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"I knew I wanted to be bigger than Persil washing powder" – Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice)

England are through to the quarter finals of the Euro 2004 football tournament and by the time you read this they will have played that game against the host nation Portugal. I will at this point either still be in a state of euphoria or in a funk for a few more hours – maybe even in to the weekend!
The leading English scorer is Wayne Rooney who is just 18 years of age – he now produces 203,000 search results on google ! It is amazing that at such an early age, in sports in particular, individuals can become so successful but more importantly so dedicated and focused on achievement that they make it to the pinnacle of their profession so early on in their lives.
I certainly did not know what I wanted to do at age 18, except get out of the 'human cash dispenser' job I had at the local bank. It raised a question in my mind as to my own childrens career directions when they are 18 as I attended a presentation last week by a highly skilled and informative presenter, Jim Carroll, who is a Canadian futurist.
He had a number of startling observations to make, none more so that 65% of children in pre-school now will be working in jobs that are not even invented yet and that the workers of the future will change jobs 19 times! To see more on Jim Carroll click on the link in the Whilst you are surfing section of my newsletter Career Solutions. Go to the newsletter archives and 25th June edition by clicking here.

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