What does your car say about your personal brand?

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One of the questions that is asked in the personal brand assessment I have set up for each of the leaders of the political parties in the upcoming Canadian election is "What car are they and why?" If you want to add your toonies worth click through here to the details on my blog from last week.

Talking of cars, I am a very proud and excited husband today as we set off later this evening to my wifes official Mercedes car presentation. The company that she works for Arbonne, reward those leaders who get to a certain level with a car allowance toward a Mercedes.

Whether the car says something about my wifes brand might be up for debate, but she looks great in it and it certainly says something about the company brand, when their two biggest accounts for recognition rewards are Mercedes and Tiffany! When was the last time you got a blue box from your company that was not a recycling bin??!!

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