What Is Santa’s Personal Brand?


Santa is a great example of a strong personal brand, because he satisfies the 3 C's of branding – Clarity, Consistency and Constancy.

Clarity – He is very clear about his message. He wants to bring joy to all children of the world.

Consistency – in various forms he has been delivering presents to the children of the world, every December 24th for over 100 years.

Constancy – he does not waver from his message or task, he constantly works at getting across what he stands for to his target audience on a regular basis.

Wishing all readers of Just My Toonies Worth a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Successful New Year.

What do you think are Santa's brand attributes- tell me in the comments section of the blog.

2 thoughts on “What Is Santa’s Personal Brand?”

  1. Paul; Thank you for this. It’s interesting how something as basic as “Santa Claus” can refocus us! To be honest, I have been having trouble with determining what my “personal brand” is. I have heard the term many times but have struggled to determine my own personal brand! With the Santa example, I will now be able to develop it. I believe I was trying to be too “deep” or “detailed.” I now see the “person brand” can be as simple as what people see in me. My intrinsic value. What I “bring to the table.” With the “Santa Example” I can really come up with a “personal brand” that speaks to who I am and what I can do for any company.

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