What Is Someone Trying to Tell You?

Probably the most widely used mis-understood piece of communication today is the e-mail.


We have become so over whelmed with it that we rush read or rush reply. This opens us up to a whole host of problems.  There was a recent article in the Wall St Journal on this very subject with a story of a consultant feeling things were wrong with a client because of the pressure to answer.  Read the “EMail Enigma article here.

How you communicate is an important part of your personal brand, regardless of whether it is e-mail or some other medium or form of communication.  You have to be sure of the following three things;

1. If you are in a hurry to do something else then do not rush to respond for the sake of getting it off your to do list. Especially on a Friday (known as Monkey Off Your Back Day). Better to hold off and give a more considered response later.

2. Be sure you have fully understood what is being asked of you.  Do you have the answer (s) and can you get back to someone and move the conversation forward without raising more questions?

3. Are you using the appropriate medium to respond. Just because someone e-mailed you it does not mean you are obliged to respond the same way. A phone call might be better and provide more clarity.

What do you do to ensure mis-communication is not happening?

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