Here Are 3 Types of Video You Can Post on LinkedIn

Every social media, content creation or blog marketing advice you see right now is that it’s all about video, video, VIDEO!

Video can be a great personal brand tool but there are many barriers that we throw in the way of getting started or maintaining a consistent production of video.

We tell ourselves that we;

  • Are not great in front of the camera
  • Have nothing to say
  • Don’t have the right equipment
  • Lack the time
  • Don’t want to be criticized
  • Etc, etc, etc

I have heard them all because I have told them all to myself! Last week I committed myself to produce a new video every day for 66 days. You can read my thoughts behind this by reading this post Let Me Tell You About Gutted (Getting Used To Talking Every Day -on Video), you can check out the #gutted on social media and you can follow along here under the Category: Video or Subscribe to my YouTube Channel by clicking here.

One platform that was late to the party but is starting to preference video is LinkedIn. And here are three different ways for you to post a video on LinkedIn or elsewhere.

I posted one of my first videos on LinkedIn this week about the legalization of pot in Canada. I used the Clips all on iOS which places scrolling text along the bottom as many people have the sound turned off it helps increase the chances that people will continue watching your video.  Watch below;

Another useful tool is Lumen 5 a tool that scans a written piece, blog post or article and chooses select passages and creates a slide deck for you. Here is one on my recent Personal Brand piece about your personal brand legacy.

Of course you can always share someone else’s video too like I do almost every week with Scott Galloway’s Winners & Losers – but keep in mind that sharing anything that has an external link and drives people away from LinkedIn’s platform does not get good exposure or engagement as the algorithm ‘strangles’ it.

What is going to be your video strategy? I would love to hear from you or share in the comments.

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