What is your true purpose?


My montlhy e-zine went out at the weekend and I received a lot of very humbling and wonderful support and comments. Thank you to everyone who took the time. For those that missed it, here is my 'note'. 

I hope that you will indulge me a little and help and support me take a huge step (well actually two!).

I am celebrating – and I would like you to join me in that celebration in two very distinct ways.

One year ago yesterday (April 20th 2011), just a few weeks after my 50th birthday, was the last of my 35 radiation treatments for head neck cancer. That coupled with three chemotherapy treatments and previous surgery successfully dealt with my cancer.

But that wasn't the only factor. It was a combination of many things for which I am truly grateful;

  • Love and support of family and many friends and colleagues. Also those who shared their own first hand or personal experiences of dealing with cancer.
  • Positive approach and attitude. For the many recommendations, links, books and resources I had and were loaned and given.
  • The wonderful staff and doctors at the Juravinski Hospital in Hamilton.
  • A number of health products and regimens particularly the Max GXL product that I continue to take and recommend to many people.
  • Many of the fellow cancer patients who had gone or were going through treatment. They became like a giant extended family and continue to be in my thoughts and prayers, along with those of you who have loved one going through similar challenges. 

During my treatment I had many conversations with other patients and found that we were all ultimately asking ourselves three key questions, that I guess normally we maybe only ask ourselves toward the end of our lives;

  1. Have I really led the full life as an example that I would want others to lead?
  2. Has my love, support and friendship made a difference to others?
  3. Am I good with how I will be remembered?

Coming through this whole experience and reflecting now a year later, I have concluded that the one BIG thing that took me through and drives me now is the belief that what I do matters and the desire to be of service to as many people as possible is important.

All my times of silence during treatment and recovery gave me way more thinking time than I have ever had before. It really helped me determine what my purpose is – regardless if the rest of my time is 30 years, 30 months, 30 weeks, 30 days, 30 hours or 30 minutes!

I have come to realise that the process of personal branding is way more than just improving your career profile or having a stronger marketing message for your business.

It's much deeper and far reaching than that.

  • It's determining what drives and motivates you.
  • It's defining what things and people are most important to you.
  • It's delivering to you a life that you want to lead.  

So many people reach my age or older and still cannot confidently answer those three questions. In also reflecting back on many of the great clients I have worked with over the almost 10 years I have been in personal branding now I realise that my best work and where I can be of greatest service is for women who are over 40.

I had explored working with this group previously (although not as focused as I am now), even run a few programs and specific workshops, but never fully committed to them. It's amazing how laser focusing something like cancer can be.

Today I am publicly stating that this is the group that I most want to work with going forward. So if you or someone you know falls in to this group and feel;

– unfulfilled

– unsure

– under appreciated

– under valued

– even underwater!

then we need to talk.

A great place to start all of this is with my brand new complimentary E-ValuYOUation TM assessment.

This assessment will help you;

  • Get clear on what is most important to YOU, both personally and professionally.
  • Understand how that is turning up in your life and career or business right now.
  • Start to take action in moving the needle closer to where you want to be.

I would like to invite you to take that complimentary assessment by contacting me directly –call me at 905-628-1100 or e-mail paul (at) paulcopcutt.com and we can get you started.

Thank you, take care and make the next action you take be brand YOU. 


P.S. My second big step is actually going to be 5760 of them – see below about My Climb for Cancer.

Support My Climb for Cancer


This was my reality a little over a year ago. Bolted to a table in a radiation suite for 15-20 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 7 weeks.

I am so grateful for the doctors, staff and volunteers at the Juravinski Hospital. Each year there is an annual local fundraiser, Climb for Cancer, this year we as a family have entered and will be climbing the stairs at a local beauty spot to raise funds for their continued great work.

There are 289 stairs to climb and my personal goal is to complete going up and down 10 times each in 1 hour. It's going to be tough I know and probably quite emotional too. Your messages of support and encouragement will mean a lot to all of us - thank you in advance.

If you would like to make a donation or leave a message that would be fantastic and you can do that by going to my sponsor page here.

I will keep you posted with how I do – once I can walk again! 



2 thoughts on “What is your true purpose?”

  1. Question #2, “Has my love, support and friendship made a difference to others?” — for me — sums up the answers to questions #1 and #2.
    May your next 50 years be even better than your last 50, Paul 🙂
    Good luck with your climb, and do remember to stretch your achilles/calves in preparation for it!
    CN Tower climber in a former life…

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