What Street Entertainers Can Teach You About Personal Branding

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Clown This coming weekend in my home town of Dundas is Buskerfest. Its a 2 and a half day street entertainment event that sees the main street closed and various international street performers plying their trade up and down the town – it is one of the best small town events I have been to.

Street entertaining is all about personal branding – knowing what your unique value is and communicating it effectively – standing or falling (and getting directly rewarded) on being your very best – you are truly on stage to perform your very best – EVERY TIME.

I have just returned from a three day trip to Montreal for a Mastermind Group meeting, 10 coaches from the UK and North America coaching each other on the development and direction of our businesses.

Chris Barrow is one of the coaches and he wrote some great blog articles about the three days – including this one about a street performer called Raphael – a pure an example as you will find of a street performer who gets personal branding – see the post by clicking here.

Chris rightly points out the following about Raphael;

  • Proud of himself
  • Good at what he does
  • Knows he makes a difference
  • Knows what he expects
  • Not afraid to ask
  • “Over it” if you don’t pay
  • Doesn’t suffer time-wasters
  • Doesn’t give discounts

Perhaps Raphael's 8 steps should be a new personal brand mantra!

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