What would you do with an $85,000 cell phone bill?

Phone According to a Globe & Mail article a young Calgary man was shocked to receive a bill recently for $85,000 to cover roaming and bandwith charges on his cell phone!

He had signed up for an unlimited plan for $10 a month but obviously did not read the small print and went on to download movies, songs etc!

Now how would you feel about that???!!!!

1 thought on “What would you do with an $85,000 cell phone bill?”

  1. Perhaps Bell Mobility will spin this story into a positive. A warning system with both voice and e-mail alerts could be installed to keep customers and Bell Mobility from getting in this jam again.
    A customer responsive, problem solving company gets good press.
    While I don’t advocate fault-free society, this story at first glance is a PR bonanza for Bell Mobility.

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