What Would You Like to Know About Someone Before You Meet Them?

Going into a meeting with or sending an e-mail to someone you don’t know can be a daunting proposition. So what do you do? Usually, the default now is to check out their social media profiles, website if they have one or other online resources. 

But Googling someone only gets you so far. 

With the advances in technology you would think (or hope) that perhaps you could find out a little bit more. Two tools that might just do that for you are available as web extension plugins when you are viewing someone’s social media profile. 

The first tool, Emma by Bunch.ai, is LinkedIn specific and is new. Emma delivers predictive insights based on about 100 signals in someone’s public LinkedIn profile. That includes the language they use to describe themselves, the jobs they’ve had in the past, their listed skills and recommendations.

The company claims that in terms of accuracy any time you analyze a profile with Emma, you’ll see an accuracy rating that tells you how reliable the results are. On average, you can expect Emma to be about 75% right. 

This is what Emma found out about me; 

The second tool, Crystal, has been out for a while and is probably a lot more useful because it can analyze any social media profile or even someones e-mail or other piece of writing. Crystal’s personality profiles help you understand anyone’s communication style, motivations, and behavioural tendencies. With a combination of traditional assessments, social media analysis, and text analysis, Crystal gives you accurate personality profiles for coworkers, customers, candidates, and yourself.​

It does provide a lot more detail, including what to say and do (and don’t) in certain situations, so for some it might prove to be a very useful tool. 

Here is what Crystal found out about me; 

With Emma you can directly download the extension from the Chrome store or their website and get started. https://bunch.ai/

Crystal will require you to sign up to get access and then you only have 10 uses before being asked to commit to a paid version. https://crystalknows.com/

Let me know how you got on and how accurate you feel either tool is. 

If you would really like to get a better sense of how others see you then a personal brand audit might be the answer. Here are all the details –https://pcunlimited.wpengine.com/services/personalbrandaudit/

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