What Your Shoes Say About Your Personal Brand

Working with an image consultant as part of communicating your personal brand can be very beneficial and on occasion very life changing.



As part of my brand and something I had been promising myself for a while was a pair of custom designed baseball shoes. If you have seen my presentations you will know the connection between baseball shoes and my personal brand.

Last fall I did my annual workshop for the Leadership Niagara program and was wearing my Ed Hardy shoes. Not quite custom but noticeable enough to get comments. One of the participants and I ended up talking about them and it turned out his sister was a designer for a company called Woodys Apparel who do custom shoes and were based in Dundas where I lived at the time! Talk about 6 degrees of separation!

Even funnier was by the time I got around to getting my shoes ordered and going to pick them up Woodys moved and they are now on Ottawa Street – Hamilton’s Destination for Inspiration!

The shoes as you can see are in my new company colour with logo.  I love them and the couple of work occasions I have worn them generated a lot of positive comments.  Check out Woody’s Custom Kicks Facebook page and if you are in the area drop in to see Andy.

If you are interested in seeing the shoes up close, check out where I might be next where you can see them.  Look for the custom shoes events page.

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