What’s in a name?

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It was interesting to see that the recent recommendation for the Supreme court in the US by President Bush was a John Roberts – which also happens to be the name of one of the White House correspondents who in his early career was a music reporter on City TV in Toronto!

This might present some confusion for a time, whilst the appointment is hotly debated and may cause some researchers to be scouring the internet for snippets of information on John Roberts. That is why it is so key to control your on-line identity – more and more people are using the likes of Google to do that.

Your first step should be to buy your own domain name. In this case neither gentleman owns www.johnroberts.com – its a printing company in Minnesota – so they will have to settle for www.johnroberts1.com and www.johnroberts2.com .

Make sure you are not www.joebloggs3489.com !

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