What’s in a Naymz? And What’s in it for Them?

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Naymz One of the repeating themes throughout the recent Brand You World global personal branding telesummit was building an on line brand – and this is echoed in my discussions and presentations in the question that I get asked the most – How do I raise my Google score?

One such way is Naymz. I only recently did something about getting my profile on Naymz. It had been recommended by a few colleagues, I had been nudged through invites from some others, but it was one of those – I will get around to it things. I just wish I had done it sooner.

I have now been on Naymz for less than a month and already they have placed Google Adwords at no cost to me for my name (do a search for Paul Copcutt and you will see a paid ad on the first page)  and my profile in Naymz is already hitting near the top of Page 2 in a google search, even getting above my Linked In profile – now that is really impressive

If you are looking for one way to get noticed on line quickly then this might well be the way.

I wrote about all this last week in my e-zine – Innukshuk and my Monthly Personal brand Heat tip – and it prompted a lot of questions and e-mail.

One such e-mail was from Robert Fripp, a professional business writer in Toronto- who, apart from having the challenge of competing on Google searches with a famous guitar player and musician, wondered about the ad words and "What was in it for Naymz?"

Here was my answer:

Robert, thanks for the question. I am guessing the actual number of click throughs is very low and as no-one else is bidding on this keyword chances are its pennies for Naymz – so part of their marketing budget.

The great thing for them is that it's targeted marketing spend with someone who already likes what they do enough to be trying their service, so they also achieve two more things -1.) I start to think if its worth upgrading to their premium package and see who is looking at my profile and 2.) I buzz about it – I have just told over 2,000 people today (through my ezine) and everyone I presented to and networked with over the last 3 weeks!

Now I have told a whole bunch more people through blogging so what are your thoughts?

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