What’s The Weather Going to be Like Today?

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Weather Before presenting a workshop yesterday morning at the Oakville Chamber of Commerce I had the opportunity to listen to a really interesting keynote from Pierre Morrissette, CEO & President of The Weather Network.

Much of what he said related directly to the challenges the small business owner has in building their business.

What was really interesting was that he acknowledged:

  • He did not know how to tell the weather – he is not a meteorologist
  • He did not know how his company gets information to the consumer/customer – he is not a software designer
  • He did know that his website is now Number 4 in Canada, has xx million page views per month and reaches 12.5 million households by television – he owns a media company

What Pierre realises is that he knows what he is good at – running and building a media company – and he has hired the best people he can to do all the other things he knows nothing about.

That is the power of a strong brand that translates to a strong company.

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