When ‘The donald, GM & McDonalds are Blogging – You Know it is Getting Mainstream

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Canadian businesses are not so quick to be rushing to the blogesphere – but US corporations are certainly jumping on the Blog Wagon in earnest.

Vice Chairman Bob Lutx of GM is blogging – mostly product based rather than personal , but he's there, Donald Trump has a blog linked to Trump University and even McDonald's senior director of corporate responsibility has been blogging – defending the company's use of polystyrene cups for coffeee versus paper.

The thought is that business blogs are a way of building a sense of community around a company and its brand(s) – and a personal blog can be used in the same way to either promote yourself as an expert in an area to be possibly hired elsewhere or as a specialist for someone to hire you or your services as a self employed consultant etc.

Either way blogging should be another tool that you are considering as part of building your personal brand.

Happy blogging!

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