Who would you pay to come to lunch with you?

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Last week someone bid $2.6 million for charity to have lunch with Warren Buffett – now that really does place value on someone's personal brand and expertise!

My Dad always said there was no such thing as a fr^e lunch and when you are meeting someone for lunch for business you need to make sure that you treat it like any other business meeting.

  1. Define the objectives and goals for the meeting. (Think about that from both sides).
  2. Establish some form of agenda (Consider sharing that with the people you are meeting).
  3. Choose a location that is professional and makes the right impression. (Get recommendations from others).
  4. Ask for a table where it is not going to be too noisy or have interuptions. (Scope out beforehand if you can).
  5. Write notes on the meeting afterwards. (Follow up and thank those who came).
  6. Measure the success against your goals. (Confirm what next actions are and who is taking them).

In this case I am not sure that the return on investment will quite payoff. But of course the real beneficiary is the charity – who's annual budget was around $18 million, this is going to make a huge impact.

So if someone was paying to have you to lunch, what advice would you give?

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