Why Bell Canada Will Never Be Successful – and L.L. Bean will continue to be.

LL bean 

Just before winter started (or at least was meant to start) we ordered some new winter jackets and ski pants for the kids and we ordered then via L.L. Bean. A few weeks earlier we switched our TV to Bell satelite.

The L.L. Bean order arrived promptly and one pair of pants was on back order and one jacket was the wrong size. A replacement was sent out the same day and the pants arrived within a week and we mailed back the incorrect order.

We now have 4 services with Bell, we continue to receive mass direct mail letters addressed to the occupier, home owner etc etc, we get tele-marketing calls from Bell, we have to go through multiple levels of automated attendants to speak to a real person. Despite themselves I guess Bell is successful.

This week we received a statement from L.L. Bean with an outstanding balance and also 5 lessons in REAL customer service – Bell please take note.

  1. I phoned (on a Saturday), a real person answered, in a few rings – not Sally the automated attendant.  
  2. They immediately know who I was (call display perhaps Bell??!!) – I did not have to tap in my account number.
  3. They were cheerful, engaged and wanted to help which they did, in 45 seconds – the statement overlapped the credit for the returned product, no money owing – not let me just look that up, can I put you on hold for longer than is acceptable and paly mind numbing music or boring ad plugs to you.  
  4. By the way Sir the products you ordered are great for this weather aren't they? Are the kids enjoying wearing them? - not can I sell you an unnecessary upgrade or let me just check what else you have with us as I have no idea.
  5. Oh and by the way the $10.50 you spent on returning the product has been credited to your account – not I am going to nickle and dime you to death even though you are a loyal Bell customer who spends hundreds of dollars with us every month.

Just sayin' Bell, investment in some decent CRM systems might pay off.

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