Why CES Doesn’t Matter

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On my flight back to Toronto from Las Vegas I was talking with someone who attended the Consumer Electronics Show – the largest trade show that takes up all of the Las Vegas Convention Center and several local hotels.

We talked about what was there and what was new. He said it took he and a colleague three days to 'walk the show' and even then they did not make it to all the stands or all the hotels.

The highlights for him were………………..a 3D Printer – which looked and sounded really amazing and…………………some neat speakers that had great audio and………….that was it!

Perhaps Jonathan Salem Baskin in his recent Dim Bulb blog post about the show has some valid points to make about it needing to change if someone spends six days and likely a few thousand dollars and walks away with two wow's and lots of so so impressions. See link to his post below.


The 2011 International Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas ended yesterday, not with a bang but with a whimper. 

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