Why Have My LinkedIn Recommendations Disappeared?


This week’s LinkedIn tip is a result of a question coming from Dean. “I have clients that have posted recommendations for me on my Linkedin profile. I have noticed one is missing. Do you know why this would be?”

There are a couple of possibilities;
  • Whenever LinkedIn are tweaking the platform (which is often) random glitches seem to occur. With the impending user interface changes, this might be the reason. I have heard that currently, it is impossible to give or receive a recommendation on the new user interface. This is obviously an oversight and will be corrected, although it’s unlikely that it effected just one recommendation.  If you think it’s a technical glitch wait a few days and check again.
  • What is more likely is that the person giving the recommendation has removed it for some reason. If you know who it is, go to their profile and look at the recommendations they have given and see if yours shows up. It’s your call if you want to ask them about it directly.
  • This highlights the importance of having recommendations and testimonials in different places. For example, you can add some client testimonials into your Summary which is likely a more read part of your profile. They, of course, do not need to be LinkedIn recommendations or connections. Copy and paste a testimonial or two into the Summary. Be sure to put them in quotes and ideally on a separate line so it’s evident what they are as LinkedIn as does not allow formatting.

This does raise another question, how important is having recommendations? According to past research, people trust recommendations over advertising by quite a wide margin so for product or service businesses it could be key. Also “92% of respondents reported that a positive recommendation from a friend, family member, or someone they trust is the biggest influence on whether they buy a product or service.” Paul Rand. Expand that to an employee or looking to hire someone and now you know why it is so important to be developing and nurturing your network. It is much more likely that someone is going to take a serious look at you if someone else they know, like and most importantly trust recommends you.

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As we near the end of another year, this is a perfect time to be asking yourself these questions and start to plan what you want 2017 to be like for you, your career and your personal brand.

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