5 Vine Secrets You Wish You Knew One Year Ago



Communication of your online brand is becoming more and more critical. It is the message replacement for the letter, advertisement, even resume.

Whether you end up working on it on a daily basis or not, it is critical that you take control of that message.

I recently had the opportunity to attend the annual Tweetstock.ca Conference, which was being held for the first time in Hamilton. I had never attended one before so was not sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised by the caliber of speakers who came from across North America.

The wealth of insights and information shared was so rich that I have put together a series of articles, each one summarizing a lesson from six key sessions that I attended.

  1. Stewart Reynolds – Brittlestar  – Image: SCOTT WISHART, The Beacon Herald

Stewart has become a leading expert in the use of Vine. A six second video app that initially was used to create funny and crazy videos. Now companies and brands are using them to create short effective and often not directly related videos.

You can find out more about Vine and download the app

He started very early after the app first was launched and within a few videos was garnering over 100,000 loops or views. He now has over 450,000 followers and his videos have looped over 170 million times!

He has four rules for creating a good Vine, they need to be;

  1. Funny
  2. Emotional
  3. Artistic
  4. Mesmerizing

Many of the leading social media and marketing experts this year are pushing the importance of video. It’s not surprising when you understand that they have 1200% more effectiveness than links and text combined.

It is one of the reasons I have finally started to shoot my own short daily personal brand tips video – you can watch those here on my You Tube Channel  or Facebook page

Stewart also spoke about why Vine in particular has become so popular.

5 Reasons to Use Vine as Part of Your Personal Brand

No Distraction. – In part this is because it is just 6 seconds (or actually 6.5 seconds!), there is no room for distraction. Even though our attention spans have now shrunk to less than that of a goldfish we still have capacity to watch a Vine!

Relatable – Stewart is a middle aged Dad in Southern Ontario and his videos reflect that. Brands that want to use him to create Vines use him for that reason. He would not shoot a video that was not in line (or on brand) for who he already is.

Entertaining – Lets face it, even with just 6 seconds a video still has to be entertaining. Because the app has a stop start feature you can actually tell a whole story in that short a time.

Trends – If a topic is trending it can be quickly copied, featured or parodied with a 6 second video. Obviously you have to double check that what is trending is compatible with what you plan to shoot. There have been a few cases of faux pas trend following.

Experience – The emotion captured in Vines often leave you feeling that you want more. They tell stories. It makes enough of a connection with you that you want more of the experience.

Stewart believes that the success of Vines are that they actually cause a physical response. There is probably some brain science behind this too.

The ease at which Vines can be shared and watched quickly make them an addictive gap filler. I know my daughter will watch one after the other, often while waiting for something else to happen.

Do you use video in your personal brand management? Will you be using Vine?





P.S. Tweetstock confirmed for me that many small business owners and individuals want to benefit from social media. However they may not have the time to do it all themselves. That is why I have launched Social Media Sensei – you can sign up to receive weekly social media tips and find out more about the services offered by clicking here

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