Will The Easter Bunny Really Make You Happy?


I  always wonder, as my kids get older, whether Easter and the fun of an egg hunt will lose its charm. Based on a slightly alternative version that my two got involved in on Good Friday, it would appear not. My girlfriend’s family and another family have an annual golf ball hunt,. Their Grandfather started the tradition and they still use the original golf balls !

It’s a highly competitive event, the adults joining in too. Each ball is worth certain points, with some coloured golf balls being worth more. Once all of them are collected, the points are tallied and prizes handed out or chosen. It was a lot of fun.

My kids were motivated to get involved and they rushed around……. the neighbourhood looking for the well hidden spheres. They were happy with the spoils of victory.

All of the parents reflected happily that:

  • The kids were away from their screens completely and voluntarily.
  • No-one ever checked the time or wanted or asked to leave or felt they had better things to do
  • The kids took over parts of the tradition and were adding their own spin on the event
  • They were social and interacting, something many are fearing is disappearing in the younger generations.

Similar results can be seen in the workplace. You can get the team inspired and motivated around a particular task and then reward them for achieving the desired outcome.

But does that happiness at work last? 

A recent article “The is the Most Inspiring Way to be Happier and Motivated” that that looked into this in depth suggested “that happiness is mainly about getting what one wants and needs, including from other people or even just by using money. Happiness went with being a taker more than a giver, while meaningfulness was associated with being a giver more than a taker.”

Which backs up many of the findings and writings in Dan Pink’s book, ‘Drive’ 

A client of mine found similar results when she involved her new (unmotivated) team in ice cream socials. They were happier, but in fact re-engagement in their roles and delivery of projects gave them meaning. You can read all about it in a recent LinkedIn article I published –  “Why Leaders Need to Organize Ice Cream Socials”

As with ice cream socials, I hope you do not over indulge this weekend. I hope you have a fun and happy break and also find a deeper meaning in spending time with family and friends. That meaning lasts longer than the chocolate eggs!  Happy Easter.

When it comes to your own personal leadership brand what do you do to be happier and what gives you meaning? 


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