“Wrong Sort of Snow!”

“Wrong sort of snow”

This was a famous British Rail or maybe London Underground (and overground) announcement in the UK once. We had the unusual event of wet slushy snow that caused the electric trains to fail to pick up and connect with the live track and not be able to run.

It of course caused commuter nightmare journeys and many a recall of “Do you remember the day when?” stories in the pub for weeks and months after.

The announcement of the wrong sort of snow caused ridicule and recollection for much longer!

This past weekend was the last opportunity to be at the cottage and mother nature decided the wrong sort of snow and also a previous tree falling cutting the internet was the perfect storm of no internet for 48 hours, hence the delay in getting this week’s note to you.

It was actually quite relaxing and peaceful to avoid the temptation of opening the laptop or just checking the inbox once more.

Instead, the clean-up chores were done sooner, some marram grass planted for beach preservation, reading by the burning fire and slow meals and good wine were the order of the day.

I could have done without the frozen hands from cleaning out wet leaves and ice from the eaves, but hey at least I did not have to warm up my Google fingers to send an email or surf a website. Small victories.

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