Your Brain Has a Lot to Say

Friend, Enemy, Sex…………Indifferent


Each year I always end up finding one or two key books that have the most impact on the way that I think, act or say. It’s great to find not just a book that fits that criteria so early in the year, but I know it is one I am going to be picking up and again and again, referring to on a regular basis.

Tame the Primitive Brain by Mark Bowden is a great reference guide to understanding why we (and others) do what we do impulsively and how to more consciously control that at work for greater career success.

Biology was never one of my strong subjects, my teacher even had me labelled as an idiot – perhaps that was his primitive brain talking! So when I started to read this book my fear was this was going to be too science based, I started to come out in cold sweats again, just like cramming for an exam.

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