Your Image is NOT Your Personal Brand

I was recently asked to participate in a thesis for a student in the fashion industry from South America. Naturally one of the questions asked was to do with image. Personal branding is the same as personal image? what is the relationship?


It got me thinking.  Your image is the physical representation of you. This can be tied and aligned with your personal brand, but your image is not your brand.

That is the same as saying the swoosh logo IS Nike’s brand. 

A number of my colleagues are image consultants. I worked with one of them to help me understand why I had started to hate wearing suits. After going through my closet and leaving me with one jacket, two pairs of pants and a handful of shirts the answer was obvious. I was wearing the wrong colours.

After making some new clothes purchases it really made me appreciate the importance of image. Here are three good reasons to consider your image’s impact when it comes to your personal brand;

1. When you are wearing clothes that feel comfortable and make you look good your confidence rises. You feel great, you don’t worry about how you look and can focus on why you are there.

2. Sadly people still draw conclusions of you in seconds, very often before you even speak. First impressions count. Also be sure you are congruent with the group you are interacting with too. If it’s a smart business environment jeans and flip flops may not cut it.

3. You can take your brand colour(s) and make them an extension of your brand through your wardrobe. Pick one of the colours and see if you can incorporate it in to something that you wear every time.

Since I have been wearing my custom Converse shoes people now seek me out, look for them or even refer people to me by saying “look for the guy wearing the teal sneakers”

How do you reflect your personal brand through your image?

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