Your networking is confusing me. Am I missing something or has the train left the station?

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The recent news that Bombardier (the Canadian transportation company) had a strategy around it's business development and lobbying activity should come as no surprise. In fact I was astounded that the tone of the Globe & Mail article and certain commentators seemed to perceive this as somewhat deceitful.

The particular business activity that was being analysed was their eventual win of a $2 billion train and maintenance contract for South Africa. Admittedly there are also suggestions around suspect payments. However compiling background information on contacts who were part of the decision process strikes me less about unethical practice and more about good business building relationship skills.

This is why your networking skills are confusing me.

I have attended a number of networking events over the past few weeks and frankly wonder why many of the people I met were even there!

Here are some of the things that astounded me:

  • The vast majority of people I met did not follow up with me after the event at all.
  • A number of conversations I had were completely one sided, they never asked what I did.
  • Quite a few of those that told me what they did left me feeling underwhelmed to say the least.

I wonder if these people felt as FLAT about the experience as I did?

Then it struck me, they were feeling FLAT because of one or more of the following reasons;

Fear – they were either afraid of what people would think or they did not want to hear No.

Laziness – it was all too much of an effort and they just expected the phone to start ringing

Awkward – they lacked the insight in to what makes them different or their product or service unique.

Time – a million and one other things have got in the way of their starting to build new relationships.

It seems such a shame that all the time, resources and effort it takes to attend networking events goes to waste so quickly. Especally as there is an easy answer.

"3 Steps to take your networking from FLAT to FIZZY – FAST! – Understand your brand to get noticed, stand out and be remembered"

"I'm not sure about the people I met at that last networking event"

If this is what you have said to yourself, or a colleague one too many times, then just perhaps the people you met might be saying the same about you.

There are probably three reasons that networking is NOTworking for you;

  1. You have no yet identified why people like you and want to connect with you.
  2. Your elevator pitch lacks a compelling reason to have a conversation.
  3. What ever it is that you said after that did not leave a lasting image or memory.

Networking can absolutely work and become an indication of your networth.

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