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 Hello and welcome!

Thank you for listening right the way to the end of my interview on the Corporate Rebel Series and finding about this very special offer open to 21 lucky Corporate Rebel listeners. Since the interview you may have seen the news about Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn - you can read what I think and a whole bunch of other experts by reading more here.

Apart from this being huge news, it is also GREAT NEWS!  I can see many synergies between their products and services that can only enhance your experience on LinkedIn AND make it hugely more important to your professional Corporate Rebel profile.


For many of you Corporate Rebels your LinkedIn profile is the first representation of your online brand that others see, so it is critical that your personal brand is being communicated the best way possible to impress and engage the people that you are trying to reach and influence.

This is how important it is;

It was my LinkedIn profile that resulted in being contacted by a recruiter in my network, which ultimately lead to this new role. This re-enforces how powerful a tool LinkedIn really is and how important it is to express one’s personal brand, and highlight career trajectory and accomplishments there.”

DM – Assistant Vice President, Treasury

On a live screen sharing experience, I am going to give you the insights and ideas that you need to personally brand your LinkedIn profile - BUT this is only open to 21 people


You are going to be on this Exclusive Velvet Rope Experience with two other professionals to see what tips and tricks I suggest for their profiles too!

3 LinkedIn Personal Brand Reviews in 1 - and all for FREE!!! 

There will be 7 groups of 3 people and those who take ACTION ARE REWARDED so to qualify to be considered as one of the lucky 21 you just need to do the following:

Connect with me on LinkedIn:  - be sure to mention Corporate Rebels in the message or subject heading. My e-mail if you need it for the invite is paul(at) 

I will message you in LinkedIn and let you know we have connected and that you are in the running to have your profile reviewed and very soon after let you know if you are one of the lucky people. I will then send you a link to book one of the 7 time slots and all the details to access the live screen sharing session.

Here is what one recipient of a personal brand profile review had to say: “I think it is fantastic and extremely relevant. As you pointed out, my role has changed – but unfortunately, my linked in profile has not. I will be trying to put in place some of the ideas that you have offered.”

Do not miss out on this very exclusive velvet rope experience - Connect with me on LinkedIn NOW and tell me you want in on the Corporate Rebel Series Velevet Rope Profile Review.