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  • Know what makes you successful and being able to attract & work on the projects that excite and inspire you?
  • Have the phone ringing or your inbox filling up with enquiries from prospects that want to work with you?
  • Gain brand recognition online and offline?
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  • Messaging
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  • Business Development
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  • Action Plans
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How It Works.....


Identify what makes you unique and the reasons why someone wants to hire you, work with you or for you


Establish which tools are right for you and get you noticed without coming across as bragging or fake

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Consistently deliver on your brand promise with clear messaging and easy to implement steps

Understand how defining your brand can make a difference......

Paul Copcutt has been providing Marketing and Branding services to CAROP for over a year now.We find Paul to be very skilled in his field of expertise but what separates Paul from his competition is his level of service. Paul has always met deadline requirements and is always there to go the extra mile when needed. I recommend Paul to any firm.

Terry Hepditch, Principal Partner HOS Financial & President of Canadian Association of Rent to Own Professionals

Paul is the person I turned to for help. He helped me get much clearer on my message and who it was aimed at, as well as giving practical and up to date input on how to get the most from LinkedIn and my Website. He is amazingly generous with his time, and expertise. His patience, support, excellent listening skills and his commitment to sticking with me until I had reached my desired outcome was wonderful. and just what I needed. I whole heartedly recommend Paul. “
Julie Kay, Executive Coach & Speaker 
Paul Copcutt is not only cool and funny, he’s damned smart too. Recently I was on the fence about a branding decision and he encouraged me to pursue it. I’m glad I did as this branding decision and Paul’s advice have DIRECTLY resulted in thousands of dollars of additional revenue.
James Burchill, Marketing Automation Expert

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