Are You Meeting in Person Again?

This past week I had the almost forgotten pleasure of attending a live event. It was a comedy night, which probably was even more attractive to many who attended given we have not had a lot to laugh about over the last 18 months. Initially, it felt a little disconcerting, sitting next to someone I did not know. Of course, everyone was masked and vaccination status had been checked at… Read More »Are You Meeting in Person Again?

The Top Business Skill You Don’t Use Enough

The storm that blew through Bruce County a few weeks ago left a trail of downed trees including 7 on my partner’s property. It’s always a shame to see any tree disappear because of the benefit they have on the environment and we will be replacing them x3 at least. What it did mean was a lot of lumber that needed cutting up, chopping and splitting. Of course, this wood… Read More »The Top Business Skill You Don’t Use Enough

When is a Good Time to be Thankful?

I do like the occasional slice of pumpkin pie but definitely not one of those people who go crazy over the pumpkin spice latte options! How about you – anything and everything pumpkin or can you leave it? Here in Canada this weekend it is Thanksgiving. This is not a celebration we had in the UK, although there was always a harvest festival of some sort. I have always wondered… Read More »When is a Good Time to be Thankful?

This is ‘No Time to Die’

Last week I posted a poll on social media asking for people’s choice on the next James Bond. I also asked for one of the options whether it was time for a female Bond? Daniel Craig doesn’t think there should be by the way. Of the two names I picked, 38% preferred George Clooney and 29% Jennifer Lawrence. Whilst not statistically significant it was interesting to see some of the… Read More »This is ‘No Time to Die’

3 Steps to Help Stop This Year Being a Turkey For You

I couldn’t quite believe my eyes on a run the other morning through the streets of Hamilton. I knew the days were drawing in and so the light was less, but I could see this black mass running toward me on the sidewalk. My first thought was ‘skunk’! I was ready to turn around or sprint across the road. But it was too big and it certainly did not have… Read More »3 Steps to Help Stop This Year Being a Turkey For You

Are You Using These Visuals in Your Marketing?

The old saying of a picture tells a thousand words rang true when I walked into the washrooms at the golf clubhouse. It’s been fun this summer to pick up golf clubs again after a decade of not playing. Part of the reason was a reward to me and the other was finding a social and networking outlet that could still be done safely. A bonus was I found visual… Read More »Are You Using These Visuals in Your Marketing?

Pat a Cake, Pat a Cake, Personal Brand

I love a slice of fresh fruit pie as much as the next person. If it’s rhubarb and there is a little whipped cream or vanilla ice cream on it, so much the better. It gives you that warm, homely feeling, like something you know well. By the way, did you know Fortinos the grocers do baked half pies? Which would be different of course from half-baked pies! How cool… Read More »Pat a Cake, Pat a Cake, Personal Brand

Summer is a State of Mind

Sunsets on Lake Huron are pretty hard to beat, but I have to admit a tinge of sadness as I watched one set for one of the final times this summer. In the words of fellow Englishman, William Shakespeare, “Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.” Perhaps you felt the same way, especially this summer after what has gone on the last 18 months, like me, you may have… Read More »Summer is a State of Mind

If You Are Confusing, You Are Losing

Have you ever used a mucus recovery system? Chances are there is one on your desk or at least in your office. The term came from an actor in a US-based show I was watching. They were deciphering a hospital bill trying to figure out what a $25 charge was for a “mucus recovery system” It made me think about how clearly you need to communicate or market real estate… Read More »If You Are Confusing, You Are Losing

How Are You Telling Your Real Estate Investing Story?

3 times storytelling will enhance and 3 times it will damage your brand. You want prospects and clients to make an emotional connection to your real estate investing business and your brand. Often we are told that storytelling is the way to do that. For that to happen it NEEDS to be;1. Engaging – attention spans are diminishing by the day.2. Easy to follow – sometimes visual or storyboards can… Read More »How Are You Telling Your Real Estate Investing Story?