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“Do You Want to Be;

 – The Go-To Person in Your Industry,

– Able To Showcase Your Expertise Creatively, 

– Contacted By More People Seeking Your Skills, Products & Experience?”

And Then Use It To Get Hired Faster, Generate More Leads & Opportunities, and Build Your Influence – All in Less Time!

Why is it important? You know that in today’s world of work you need to have an online presence. That starting to build business connections and checking them out now happens online first. People will Google you before they will meet with you.

But most professionals and business owners don’t know where to start when it comes to social networks, except perhaps to put up no more than a bare-bones presence or profile. And when it comes to setting out a plan for updating and building their influence and relationships, or showcasing their expertise, they falter or worse take action that detracts or damages their personal brand rather than enhance and build it.

There are alternatives;

  • Use mailing & telephone lists & outdated directories – BUT that limits the growth and opportunity that social networks offer you.
  • Send mailers, flyers & glossy brochures – BUT that is expensive and is never guaranteed to reach the right person.
  • Go to network meetings & chamber meetings – BUT that is time-consuming, you only get to meet a handful of people each time.
  • Buy a do it yourself book & work through it – BUT networks change all the time, the advice is outdated before the book is printed.
  • Get someone else to do it all for you – BUT no-one knows you like you do, your voice becomes diluted and inauthentic. 

And Then It Hit Me!

The wheel did not need to be reinvented. The answer for business professionals and owners was already out there, it was just being used in the wrong way.

I started to take a long hard look at LinkedIn. It’s actually a network I had been on from the very early days, almost from when it started. And I will be honest with you, probably like many of us, my activity had been passive rather than purposeful.

But since it launched back in 2003, LinkedIn has undergone a huge change from a basic resume posting and careers website with just a few thousand users to THE global lead generation and networking powerhouse with over 380 million members. Employees are now even using it to network INTERNALLY!

Many of the professionals, executives and entrepreneurs I have worked with are still using LinkedIn for not much more than an online résumé or at best a static brochure – here’s where I went to school, here’s where I’ve worked, here are some awards I’ve won, here’s what I do…….Don’t worry if that is you, because I  was doing exactly the same thing with my profile!

What I realised was that a basic profile was potentially brand-damaging because it had;

  • been hastily created when you signed up on LinkedIn that lacks depth. It is still what LinkedIn calls ‘Beginner’ status.
  • not been updated or shows activity because you are busy. You are not on LinkedIn every day like Facebook.
  • looked the same as all the others who do what you do. Being the same does not differentiate you.
  • not captured the attention of companies, hiring managers and recruiters.  They easily scan and then move on – quickly.
  • not told your story or showcased your talents. It is failing to attract the people you want so you dismiss it as being a waste of your time.

I knew there had to be a better way, I was determined to understand how. So I embarked on researching and discovering all that I could about LinkedIn and how it could benefit my clients. There is a lot out there. Some of the information and recommendations conflict. I invested in books and programs. I spent hours on my profile and those of a number of clients. And all the time LinkedIn was changing and updating.

In a very short space of time I was amazed at the results of being purposeful with a branded profile and some consistent activity, just a few minutes a day resulted in; 

  • Direct enquiries about my services from completely new connections who I had never spoken to before.
  • Increased engagement and relationship building with key people who I had wanted to know better.
  • Getting booked as a guest on podcast shows and asked to contribute articles to blogs.
  • Re-connecting with ‘forgotten’ connections that resulted in the business being booked.
  • Being able to help my network, make new introductions and stimulate new business partnerships.

In less than one month my branded LinkedIn activity created over 30 new business leads finding me, with over 50% of those wanting more details on my services and it directly generated several thousand dollars of new revenue.  

As Homer Simpson would say – DOH!!!!  – When it comes to connecting and doing business, LinkedIn has become THE social network you cannot afford to ignore.

So what could a branded LinkedIn profile do for you?

You have downloaded the free guide with the 5 key steps – BUT there are 17 other equally important areas to consider. And when you do a fully branded profile can increase opportunities by up to 40% according to LinkedIn.

I believe that branding your LinkedIn profile will help to:

  • Ensure you stand out from everyone else who says they do what you do.
  • Position you as THE go-to person, you become front of mind.
  • Show the connection between what you do and the value you deliver.
  • Tell your story in an engaging and interactive way that leaves people wanting to know more.
  • Increase your industry influence and raise your profile.
  • Establish your expertise and experience.
  • Generate calls, enquiries and opportunities.
  • Expand your network and deepen your relationships. 
  • Make networking enjoyable, fun and rewarding without being a time suck.

BUT realistically you probably do not have the knowledge to determine what you should be doing and then the time to implement it. Even if you do the challenge is that social networks have to change and update to stay relevant and current and it’s not your business to know everything about their business. You want a profile that works – period.

So it made absolute sense to me to take the power of the tool of LinkedIn, what I had discovered, and combine it with all the knowledge, experience and understanding I have of personal branding.


brand build LI
B-Linked™ – Branded LinkedIn Profiles 

B-Linked™ Branded LinkedIn Profiles, are a done for you service that leverages over a dozen years of personal brand expertise and a level of understanding of the LinkedIn system that is required to make it useful, BUT also manageable for a busy business person.

The service is offered via telephone, screen sharing and e-mail, maximising your limited time availability and enabling fast turn around so that your new profile is up and working for you sooner. There is also support after your new profile goes live and a unique measurement guarantee.

All the B-Linked™ Branded LinkedIn Profiles Packages include the following;

  • 1:1 Access with a Brand Strategist
  • Pre-interview brand and bio questionnaire
  • Interview intake
  • Goal setting session
  • 21 Point Personal LinkedIn Report
  • LinkedIn Daily Action Plan
  • Post package unlimited e-mail support
  • Unique 90 Day Measurement Check-In Guarantee

It was my LinkedIn profile that resulted in being contacted by a recruiter in my network, which ultimately lead to this new role

This re-enforces how powerful a tool LinkedIn really is and how important it is to express one’s personal brand, and highlight career trajectory and accomplishments there.”

DM – Assistant Vice President, Treasury

This is what you get;

1. Access to an Experienced Brand Strategist
Work With A Leader in Personal Branding

Personal branding is what I do. I speak, coach and consult on personal branding. I have been working in the space since 2004 and was one of the first speaking on the subject and coaching well before it became a mainstream term and process. Over the last decade+ I have worked with literally thousands of professionals, executives and business owners in helping them connect who they are with what they do and stand out and get noticed for the right reasons.

My Secret Weapon is Personal Branding

“My collaboration with Paul has not only been one of the longest in my career but also one of the most enriching. Paul has worked with me from my first management role in a Canadian based big pharma to now being the CEO of a US based biotech. MeenuChhabraThroughout this decade long journey, I have always been able to count on Paul for not just honest feedback, but also a drive to action in order to help me identify and realize my career goals.”

Meenu Chhabra, CEO


2. Pre-interview Brand & Bio Questionnaire & Intake Session:
In Depth Exploration of You 

I take my years of experience and knowing what makes personal brands unique and explore those in YOU by asking the searching and important questions. Getting information and insight ahead of time helps to speed the process and have your Branded LinkedIn profile ready sooner. The answers become the basis for our interview session.

“Truly an expert in personal branding”

“He is knowledgeable, engaging and is very passionate about the power of personal brand. I highly recommend Paul to anyone who is looking to build their own unique brand”

Michael Burwell, Global & US Transformation Leader, PwC

I take the time to clarify answers from the questionnaire, expand where needed and ask follow up questions to ensure I have what we need. There are key areas of your profile that can make or break your success and I will ensure we uncover and use them.

According to some research…

Having a headshot photo increases the chances of your profile being viewed by 11x

Having your skills on your profile increases the chances by 13x

3. Goal Setting Session:
If You Cannot Measure It, You Cannot Improve!

It’s important to understand what you are looking to accomplish by having a LinkedIn profile. Knowing those goals and expectations ensures that we build a branded profile that reflects and optimally works for you in achieving the outcomes you want.  I also take the time to clarify answers from the questionnaire, expand where needed and ask follow up questions to ensure I have what we need to brand your profile.


4. 21 Point Personal LinkedIn Report:
Suggested Edits and Changes Recommended

I do a full analysis of your profile based on the best understood personal brand actions and then produce your own personal report outlining the recommended edits and changes that need to be made to your profile to make it more branded. This includes;

  • Headline – to capture the essence of who you are, not just your job title.
  • Summary – that tells your story, what you do for who and why it matters.
  • Media – what can be added to your profile to make it more interactive and engaging.

5. LinkedIn Daily Action Plan:
Putting Your Brand Into Action – In As Little As 5 Minutes A Day

The challenge for most people is the ongoing action needed with business networking, they don’t have the time. Your B-Linked™ Branded LinkedIn Profiles Package includes a 5 Minute Daily Action Plan that;

  • Adds new connections.
  • Builds relationships.
  • Raises your profile and influence.
  • Can be done before you finish your morning coffee.


6. Unlimited E-Mail Support :
There For You Afterwards

Once all the changes and edits have been made to your profile I continue to be available afterwards for follow up questions and tweaks so that your profile continues to be optimized and working for you.

PLUS – BONUS a Unique:
90 Day Measurement Guarantee

All our B-Linked™ Branded LinkedIn Profile Packages carry a unique guarantee. Depending on the package invested in we will set a number of measurable goals specific to your situation and profile. We will contact you 90 days after our package is delivered to check in and see how your profile has helped you with the goals that you set.  We will review the results, suggest any changes and answer any other questions you might have. If the goals have not been reached we will work with you until they are.


We Have a Range of B-Linked™ Branded LinkedIn Profile Packages To Help Communicate Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn in the Best Possible Way;

All Packages include a one hour consultation to understand what your goals are for being on LinkedIn. We conduct a complete review of your LinkedIn profile, producing a personal 21 point report with recommended brand edits, additions and changes. Depending on the package, we can provide you with a 5 minute daily action plan (from basic to custom) to move forward with your branded profile.

Every package carries our unique 90 day measurement guarantee.

Packages B & C include the creation, editing and personal brand development of your core LinkedIn profile. If you already have a profile we maximize it using the latest recommended personal brand steps.

Package A – Analysis  – We send you a detailed brand questionnaire which, along with your resume, helps us to refine or develop your profile. Delivery is usually 3 days and includes 7 days email support post package.

Ideal for someone who is on a budget, is comfortable with the LinkedIn platform and just wants to brand their profile. We provide the recommended edits and you upload your profile. All our recommended edits and updates are done by you.

Package B – Branded  – In addition to Package A, this package includes a personal brand self-assessment to identify your unique attributes and keywords that can be used to highlight your personal brand in the profile. It also includes a profile update, one review session after the new profile has been developed and the option for us to upload the profile for you. Delivery is usually 7 days and includes 15 days email support post package.

Ideal for someone who has been on LinkedIn and is familiar with the platform but wants branding expertise and input on their profile and may not have the time to do the work.

Package C – Comprehensive – This includes all of the above in Package B plus an option for an additional group personal brand assessment to gather brand perceptions about you from others. There is also an additional revision session, and a consulting session to develop a custom branded action plan. Part of that custom action plan includes brand messaging, help in creating your first Pulse blog article for LinkedIn to start building your thought leadership and recommendations on Group activity and strategy. Delivery is usually 7-15 days and includes 30 days email support post package.

Ideal for someone who wants to take their LinkedIn activity and presence to the next level or may be new to the network and knows they need a solid brand presence on LinkedIn. They also could benefit from some help in other areas of their personal brand in order to have a robust and personal LinkedIn action plan going forward.

B-Linked™LinkedIn Package Summary

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 3.50.16 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 3.51.06 PM

Group rates, training workshops and keynote presentations also available. Custom content for vocations, positions and industries. Please contact us for details and to discuss your requirements.

Download copy of the B-Linked™ Branded LinkedIn Profile Packages Summary – CLICK HERE

All Packages Come With Our Unique 90-Day
Measurement Guarantee!

Based on your package and action plan I ask that you implement the recommendations and actions over the course of 90 days. I will then check in with you to measure your results. If you have done all that I recommended and not reached the goals we agreed on I will work with you until you do. If I can’t improve your LinkedIn performance then I demand you fire me and you get a full refund. But I’m confident you’ll stay in, you’ll implement our systems, and you’ll send us a testimonial telling us how much more you’ve accomplished.


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